Annora Sindri

Whirling Barbarian / Primal Guardian / ADORABLE


“Look. I am big man. Very strong. Other goliath is also big, strong man. Cow man also strong. Very powerful. But little girl? Little girl terrifies me.” – Vitoli, commenting on his party members, Malik, Vertimer, and Annora

Race: Human — Level: 6 — Alignment: Good — Age: 14
Height: 4’11" — Weight: 90 lb — Hair: White — Eyes: Violet

Barbarian Agility: Gain + 1 AC and Reflex when not wearing heavy armor (+ 2 at 11th level, + 3 at 21st)
Rampage: Once per round, when you score a critical hit with a barbarian attack power, you can immediately make a melee basic attack as a free action. You do not have to attack the same target that you scored a critical hit against.
Whirling Slayer: You can use the Whirling Lunge power, and you can wield a one-handed weapon in your off hand and treat it as an off-hand weapon. In addition, once per round when your attack bloodies an enemy, you can shift 2 squares as a free action, and each enemy adjacent to you at the end of the shift grants combat advantage to you until the end of your next turn.

Master at Arms: You gain a + 1 feat bonus to the attack rolls of weapon attacks. The bonus increased to + 2 at 11th level and + 3 at 21st level). Also, you can use a minor action to sheathe a weapon and then draw a weapon.
Quick Draw: You can draw a weapon (or an object, such as a potion, stored in a belt pouch, a bandolier, or a similar container) as part of the same action used to attack with the weapon or use the object. You also gain a + 2 feat bonus to initiative checks.
Hurl Weapon: You can use any one-handed off-hand weapon as a heavy thrown weapon. Normal range for weapons you wield this way is 5 squares, and long range is 10 squares.
Weapon Proficiency (Cahulaks): You gain proficiency with the cahulaks.

Snake’s Boon: Level 5 (pg209): + 1 attack, + 1 cold damage (when not wielding magic weapons), +1 to defenses (when not wearing magic armor)
Unlikely Engineers: You gain a +1 bonus to all rolls and defenses for each ally you are adjacent to who also has this feat (one adjacent ally becomes a +1, two adjacent allies becomes a +2). This bonus does not apply in non-tactical skill challenges or roleplaying scenarios.

Body Equilibrium
Pressing Strike
Whirling Rend
Foe to Foe
Mark of Thunder
Whirling Frenzy
Whirling Lunge
Armor of the Land
Rage Strike
Thunder Hooves Rage
Earthquake Dragon’s Rage
Combat Sprint

Neck Slot: Pearl
Armor Slot: Magic Leather Armor + 1
Arm Slot: Well-soaked Bandages (+ 5 to HP gained when using Second Wind)

Adventurer’s Kit
Filter Mask
Avocado Husk
Survival Days – 5
Ceremonial Thri-kreen Ash Amulet
Spear Quiver

Magnetic Cahulak + 1 (+ 2 prof, 1d8/1d8)
Vanishing Tide (Trident+ 2) (+ 2 prof, 1d8) (currently in Snake’s possession)
Carrikal x3 (+ 2 prof, 1d8 brutal 2)
Tortoise Blade (+ 2 prof, 1d6)
ShuriCoin x10 (+ 3 prof, 1d4)
Metal Shuriken x2 (+ 3 prof, 1d4)
Wood Spear x3 (+ 2 prof, 1d8)
Bone Spear x6 (+ 2 prof, 1d8)
Obsidian Spear x1 (+ 2 prof, 1d8)

Balic: 53gp
Tyr: 256gp
Gold: 250gp


Annora doesn’t remember much about her early childhood. Her earliest memories involve her adoptive father, the giant Sieg, an incredibly powerful warrior. Despite his ferocious appearance, he treated Annora with tenderness and care, and as children do, she grew up wanting to be just like him. They traveled often, Annora sitting on Sieg’s shoulder for much of their journeys. He was fiercely protective of his young charge, making sure that little Annora never had a worry in the world.

She learned how to wield the vicious carrikals that Sieg favored, despite them being too large for her to hold properly. She learned to counteract this by incorporating dance into her movements, allowing her flowing motions and pirouettes to swing the weapons from her outstretched hands. She is also surprisingly adept at throwing the often-clunky weapons she wields, something Sieg learned the hard way after he teased her a little too much during one of their training sessions.

Life was good for Annora, until the morning she awoke to find Sieg gone. She searched the town they were in for days, but no one had seen him. Finally, after exhausting all other routes, she took her first steps out into the world on her own, where hiding her fear and uncertainty was often the easiest challenge she encountered each day.

She was initially attracted to the party because of Toli and Malik; she was accustomed to being around the massive Sieg, so the two larger men gave her a sense of familiarity and comfort. Because of her expectations, she doesn’t really see the smaller Gyn as much of a man. Annora still doesn’t know what to make of Vertimer and Atarax; she’d never really encountered the non-humanoid races before, partially due to the protective bubble Sieg created. Still, the world-weary Atarax — though often patronizing and irritating to the young girl — has become somewhat of a new mentor to her, helping to teach her the ways of the world.

Annora tends to hoard the unwanted weaponry the party finds during their adventures, attaching them to various clips that dot her armor and traveling pack, ensuring that she always has a steady supply of her unorthodox ammunition.

Snake has become her first real female friend, and Annora has found “girl time” to be a fun change of pace from everything she’s been accustomed to. She’s found herself to be fairly protective of her aquatic friend, not unlike the fierce devotion that Sieg once showed her.

After the apparent death of Atarax in the Land Between the Winds, Annora is beginning to lose her childish innocence, faced with the cruel and harsh realities of the world.

Ever since Annora’s brief duel with Sieg, she’s been heartbroken at her adoptive father’s apparent disregard for her. She doesn’t understand what’s going on and it frustrates her, leaving her moody and confrontational.

Annora Sindri

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