Sand School

Session Two

Consuming their few meager supplies the party ties Garad up to a sled and crosses the rocky table lands. The journey was hard but bearable, everyone contributing to the navigation of the wasteland. In the end the steep cliffs took their toll, depositing the party in front of an old mausoleum that the skeleton from before stands outside. After refusing his offer to make them into undead themselves they fought off a horde of skeletons whose greedy hands snatched and grabbed their possessions as they attacked.

There was no time to recover from the onslaught. Hearing the psionic screams of the being in the water (and also fearing their water being contaminated), the player’s rushed in and clashed with zombies made of silt and sand who shrugged off their attacks. Forcing their way into the inner sanctum, they foiled the skeleton’s ritual to consume the elemental’s power and with it’s help, used frost to solidify the sands of the brutal sand zombies and turn the tables on the skeleton. With his last defiant act he swore vengeance and shattered the tank of water, revealing a psionic angel-mermaid creature inside…lamenting whatever fate these newest masters might subject her too…


  • 70gp (Balic)
  • Three-Section Flaming Maul +1
  • 150 residuum
  • Potion of Healing – Orange
Session One

The party traveled with the caravan leader Garad toward Tyr off road when the caravan was attacked by the Dragon. With Garad drawing the Dragon’s ire, the players gathered most of their weapons and a few resources before taking cover in a ravine cavern.

Waking up to find the remainder of their gear being destroyed and looted by undead elementals, the party divided into two teams to handle the immediate threat and rescue the captive Garad who defended them. Once the dust had settled they nursed the injured Garad back to health and promised to help him survive his wounds and find his “Serpent”.


  • 200gp (Balic)
  • 100gp Turquoise
  • Potion of Healing – Avocado
  • 4 Survival Days
  • One Unbroken Weapon
  • 100 residuum

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