Vanishing Tide

Key to finding the Last Ocean

weapon (melee)

+2 Rod or Trident

The Tide can be switched from a rod implement into a trident as a free action.

Trigger: When you hit an enemy with an attack.
Effect: You can rip the water out of the target, dealing 3d6 + your Primary Statistic modifier damage and creating a Salient Ally to fight along side you. The Salient Ally forms in the nearest adjacent square to the target and immediately makes an attack.

Salient Ally
This elemental is formed from the water of a living enemy and given enough anger to hurt and enough brains to execute.
Speed 6
Defenses- as wielder of the Tide and Water Ghost (See below)
Hp 1; A missed attack never damages a minion
Attack: +15 vs AC; 8 damage
Water Ghost – Water stolen from the host still retains some of it’s original shape and is disturbing to the original. The target of the Receed ability must include the Salient Ally as a target of one of it’s attacks if able.


Hafted of steel strong salts and decorated with coral and carapace, this weapon is as alien as it is powerful. Crafted from the remains of the receding waters when the Fae stole the oceans from the world, this weapon’s constant pull toward the ocean it never returned to make it the ultimate dousing rod…and the magic infused into it a dangerous weapon.

Vanishing Tide

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