A gift from the crows of Athas


Shield – Arms Slot
+2 Bonus to AC and Reflex

Minor Action
Choose one
Warding Wings- The murder of crows erupts into a cloud of ghostly birds, granting their wielder aura 1 that grants a +2 bonus to all defenses. The wilder can move this aura to any ally within 5 squares as a minor action.

Gateway from Oblivion – The crows erupt from the shield as if it was a portal to another world, sending a solid stream of ghostly birds crashing in a blast 5, Charisma + 2 vs Will, 1d10 + 10 damage and teleporting affected targets 3 squares.


This shield looks like a loose, flat bramble when not in combat, but when the need arises the ghosts of dead crows whirl out of the air coming to rest on it’s branches and bearing their wings in defense of their wielder.


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