Hide of the Electric Serpent


+1 Level 8 3,400gp
Armor Leather, Hide, Scale
Enhancement AC
Property Resist 10 lightning
Property Deals 5 lightning damage to adjacent attackers.
Power (Encounter) Move action. Assume the form of a snake like lightning bolt and shift twice your movement in a straight line. If this movement would be stopped by cover of any kind then you rebound off of it, moving at a 45 or 90 degree angle of your choice. You can move through enemy spaces during the movement but you must end in a free space. Everyone in the path of your movement gains Vulnerability 5 Lightning.


The hide of a once powerful elemental creature that rode the desert storms, an adventurer turned the creature into powerful armor and bore it across the sands to come to rest in the Under Tyr. there the powerful enchantments formed it into a loose conduit from a world of energy and kinetism before coming to be inhabited by a creature from that world who blessed all it could by igniting the bio electric sparks inside…a creature ultimatly come to be arcanely bound in goliath warrior Malik.

Hide of the Electric Serpent

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