The Erin Family

Six Mul slaves rescued by Snake's army that run a crodlu breeding business.


Rescued by the party in adventure 4, the Erin siblings are more than just unlucky slaves, but heirs to a fortune. Their elderly father is a wise and practiced camel and crodolu breeder and his children managed and staffed his business. The close siblings were captured when in despiration they were moving a too large heard of beasts through the tablelands off the roads. The choas in Tyr made the bandits bold and the Mul were caught unprepared.

Navim Erin is the patron of the Erin family and has raised camels and crodolu since he was a pup himself. Gruff and belabored, he had many wives at once time, producing many children close to the same age. He distrusts anyone he didn’t make as he likes to say.

Dar or Dart is the eldest of the six. He has a steady hand and often speaks for the family in matters, and they appreciate his leadership. Dar is a good hand at most of the matters of tending the animals, but mosly is the deal maker.

Rajm is Dar’s younger brother and 3rd in the succession of children. Rajm was apprenticed to a library when he was young and learned enough writing and math to handle the families finances. Dar often confers with Rajm in complicated situations.

Annya is the eldest of the girls and the 2nd of the children, only slightly younger than Dar. She is an experienced midwife and tends to the young and the sick animals when they are born. Her wisdom is often sought by Dar and Navim on all matters.

Tarrat is one of the middle sisters and finds her niche in leather barding and weaving. Her saddles and blankets often can support the family even when sales of animals are slow. She speaks rarely, being the middle of so many children and practiced in a quiet craft she was never needed too. She he currently the affection of player character Vitoli, who sees something in the quiet strong woman.

Prell is the loudest and most reckless of the Erin children. Learning that among so many you have to be proud and bold to sand out, she is practiced in climbing, riding, and roping; Prell gets whet needs to be done. She works hard and drinks hard, priding herself on putting her brothers under the table.

Gelta was the youngest of the four sisters and the six Erin kids. She was a quiet and watcher and learner, knowing a little about every bit of the business, and even Rajm’s secret Allaince ties. She often moved information between various factions, having the most free time being the smallest adn weakest, and thus less needed for daily chores. During the early stages of the rebellion she worked with factions to organise the elves in the Warren with the rebel Templars. Gelta died in the silt sands when the players were attempting to free them from their masters.

The Erin Family

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