Sand School

Session Ten

Thinly Veiled

With Tembo down and Sea in hand the party crashed in the ERin family stead for nearly two days of rest, waking mostly to eat. With their strength regained the group hit the town, wheeling and dealing around the bazaar while trying to find leads to the Veiled Alliance under Ryn and Geyn’s leadership and following the group’s complicated mix of signals, sounds, and sigils that stitch the Alliance’s secret meeting places together. While their shopping with an Erin family contact turned out well (selling at 50% and buying at 150%), the Alliance was harder to pin down. Eventually they wound back up at the tannery mostly sober. Half sober. Less Sober than say … Snake.

As Malik re-furled his manly trousers in the middle of the night a bright flash from their third floor rooms prompted him to bound up the side of the building in time to figure out Snake had accidentally made multiple fractures in the time/space continuum. Lacking the Veil’s guidance she was trying to tie the Tide and the Sea together on her own and discovered the sources she would need to create the binding agent, a solid, liquid, and gaseous, water from three alien worlds. As the Vanishing Tide is want to do, it pointed the way to the water it needed. Violently.

The next few hours became nearly incomprehensible. There was a man with a fire sword…white armored knights with magic bolt weapons…a hollow metal giant…fire….lots of fire…and then the quite of the night. Leaving the remaining portal for the morning the party hit the snooze and content, as usual, to get half the job done went promptly to bed.



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