Sand School

Session Seven

Life and Death

Living in the Erin family tannery and tack shop reached a steady beat in just a few days. Having survived the rough desert together and been saved by the party they naturally extended their hospitality, inviting them to live in their third story loft. Night breezes blew away the unpleasant smells of the crodlu and camel sale stock brought in from the farm in the north farmland, and the whole group gathered for egg breakfasts and meat dinners. During this time the players gathered clues to the various mysteries and goals they had come to Tyr to pursue, inching closer but not gaining much ground in the civil unrest of the newly liberated city.

It was only a week when quite unexpectedly not one but two crodlu mothers began heaving with birthing pains. At least a two man job, the Erin family began to make arrangements for the very profitable birth when a freak storm blew in from the west. The strong winds and cutting torrents initiated experienced healers Vitoli and Vertimer to take over the birthing of the second mother while everyone else ran to bat down the hatches and secure loose items in the tannery.

After a wild few minutes (during which one of the mothers developed a wild psionic talent whom battlemind Malik shortly calmed) the storm abated, the tremors from the fast quake subsided, the investigating Templar left and the stew was hot. As the group reflected on the disaster and the quick saves more trouble was brewing below.

Crodlu thieves, whom turned out to be assassins targeting Gyn Armone, escaped with the kidnapped Prell Erin and simultaneously Snake’s ritual meditations paid off, activating the Vanishing Tide and splitting the group up between assassin chasers and Last Sea investigators. Both groups wound up deep in the Warrens near one of the smaller north gates, along with the unwilling bearer of the Sea Ty Burns, battling off the assassins whose plans had gone horribly awry. Even calling int eh backup the possessed Tyr Tornado Man (whom Annora readily identified as her missing master) didn’t turn the tide of battle. Vertimer made them an offer they couldn’t refuse and the Balic brutes retreated right as Mr. Bones and a cadre of wooden tentacles surrounded the group and demanded both the Last Sea and his femur.



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