Sand School

Session Four

Escape from the Feather Princess

Players slipped into the Lands within the Winds to re-rescue the captured Snake. Upon her emancipation (and killing the Knight Robin Red), she admitted to coming to the dangerous land on purpose looking for the Vanishing Tide, the key to finding the Last Ocean and giving the people of Athas access to enough water to make them free from the tyranny of the Sorcerer-Kings.

Eager to help, the party formulated a snatch and grab plan, at once setting up to steal the rod from the slumbering Feather Princess and securing their exit via a frozen pool heated to allow passage. After a escaping a Roc and defeating the second of the Princess’s Knights Avian, Dove; Atarax boldly allowed himself to be sacrificed to Snake’s empowering ‘Killer Frost’. The duo and fended off the remaining Knights and stayed behind to keep the portal open. Snake returned to Tyr bearing only his sentient mask and a grim expression.



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