Sand School

Session Five

Heat and Altitude

A chance encounter with slavers brought the party into conflict along a hot silt slip trying to free captured muls moving from Glug to the liberated Tyr. After battling their ettin body guard and bee-casting leaders the rest dispersed, likely to perish in the particularly fatal noon heat.

The six saved slaves help scour their former burdens of honey for supplies while everyone gathered water from the near by cactus as a biblical swarm of bees gathered on the horizon. The group fled east across trecherious boulder fields and after a small earthquake made it to the border of the Tyrian mudflats – the run off flat lands of Tyr’s fertile farm land.

This border was the long, deep canyon known as Sheath. Within this section of well build rope and metal bridges lived thri-kreen highway men who used special techniques to disrupt the wind in the canyon using magnetic rock to intimidate travelers into leaving their weapons an money. Despite a nearly fatal fall (Vertimer caught a hemp bridge at the last second) they defeated the insects and bartered succor and shelter from them, as well as their magnetizing weapons.



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