Sand School

Session Eleven

Wax on, wax off...

The party is awakened from a night of rest and recovery after their adventures within the first two portals by the sound of a commotion downstairs. Wryn sneaks down to investigate while Vitoli and Annora march down the steps; meanwhile, Vertimer and Malik rappel out of the window, preparing to surround the invaders.

They encounter Dustin Sonn, a high ranking member of the elusive Veiled Alliance, who doesn’t seem to fear them in the least and only wants the orb. After some arguing, he agrees that since the party has already experienced planar shifting twice, they are the most qualified to take out the final portal, and even asks them to help with another Sea once they finish with this one. They agree, but there are shenanigans afoot: as they step into the final portal, the party gangs up to haul Dustin into the portal with them!

On the other side, they are greeted by a cold wind and a set of matching kimonos. Sitting nearby is Quin’Xi, an anthropomorphic basset hound, who claims that for hundreds of years, his family has awaited their arrival. And so begins a half-year trek to the fabled Phoenix Spring, mostly uneventful aside from “Kung Fu Inu” training and a brief visit to a small village so that the larger party members could restock on their drinks of choice (oh, and buy a weapon or two too).

After six months they reach the Spring, encountering Ta Lu Bai Xian, or “Burning River Story.” She challenges them and their kung fu, and the party finds themselves in an unfamiliar battle using unfamiliar strategies. Their perseverance pays off, however, and they prove victorious, gaining the right to touch the Spring, formed of the tears of a dying world. At the same time, Malik receives a new set of fortifying armor that had been protected by the water.

As the portal closes behind them and they return to Athas, the party is shocked to realize that although they were in the portal for six months, mere minutes have passed in their world. However, that proves to have been plenty of time for the sky to fill with tropical birds…



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