Sand School

Session Eight


The shadowy assassins retreated back into the night, seizing the opportunity to escape the violent earthquake that was beginning to wrack the north Warrens. Mr. Bones’s elemental wagon had gone berserk and frightened when confronted by a vicious Tembo far below while at the same time above Bones’ concentration was on the mythic Sea stuck to the Veiled boy Ty Burns.

The landslide was chaotic, taking a portion of the poor elf neighborhood down into the tunnels below. The group awoke split – Annora with Vitoli and Vertimer wrapped in crystal webbing were assisted in their escape by Bones on the condition they assist his rebinding with the Earthquake Wagon before it caused any more damage. Ultimately the group wound up convincing an obsidian laced Id Fiend they would serve it in the world above in the interest of passing by the troublesome creature quickly and securing the Wagon.

Malik was the first awake in a topsey turvey inn called the Radiant, long buried by some other past event. He scouted around while Ryn came around and woke Geyn. The odd team gathered themselves and Snake and prepared to find a way out when the sounds of battle came from the attic below. There they battled down lightning crodlu’s to save a very injured Veiled elven woman named Tabetha. She ultimately confided she was sent to contain a being granting bio electrical powers to creatures willy-nilly in the Under Tyr and causing a lot of trouble – the quake interrupting her own plans and nearly putting her in to the ground. The team banded together to exorcise the spirit in her stead, but wound up binding it instead into Malik’s body rather than the jewel meant to ensnare it.



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